Onderzoeksgebouw VU


Newsletter VU Research Building #4

Dear businesses and residents,

The construction activities are steadily progressing. We will be starting work which will cause some traffic hindrance from 6th August. Following is an explanation of these activities and how these will affect you.

Construction of utilities
We will soon be starting on the utilities for the new building, including electricity, gas, water and sewage. These activities will consist of excavation work, the laying of cables and pipes and will take place on the short Gustav Mahlerlaan and the De Boelelaan, level with the OI2 Lab building and the Amsterdam UMC’s outpatient clinic. These activities may cause some traffic hindrance.

Gustav Mahlerlaan diversion
We will start laying the pipes through the Gustav Mahlerlaan during the week commencing 2nd August:

  • The short Gustav Mahlerlaan will be closed to all traffic from Friday 6th August at 04.00 am through to Sunday 8th August at 8.00 pm. We will also be working through the night whilst completing these activities.
  • A diversion will be put in place during the road closure to allow for continued access to the companies and facilities along the Gustav Mahlerlaan (see appendix 1).

Cycle path diversion
The pipes in the pavement and cycle path will be laid from Monday 9th August through to Friday 27th August:

  • The cycle path to the east side of the short Gustav Mahlerlaan and along the north side of the De Boelelaan will be closed during these activities.
  • Cyclists will be diverted via the east side of the short Gustav Mahlerlaan and the south side of the De Boelelaan (see appendix 2).
  • Road traffic will not be hindered by this work and everything will remain accessible to pedestrians too.
  • The activities are due to be completed on Friday 27th August.     

Our working hours
The building permits allow for the works to take place from Monday to Saturday between 7.00 am and 7.00 pm. However, this will generally be from Monday to Friday between 7.00 am and 4.00 pm. Construction work may occasionally need to be completed outside of these permitted times. As will be the case with the work to be carried out from 6th to 8th August, we will then also continue working throughout the night. This would always be discussed with the municipality beforehand.

Conscious Constructors
As a construction company, we fully realise we are guests in your area. We will try to prevent any inconvenience to you as much as possible. Part of our approach is that we work in accordance with the Conscious Constructions code, where limiting nuisance to the surroundings is a key principle. We aim to keep you fully informed about our works, planning and any other activities by means of newsletters like this one. Updates about the construction works can also be found on our project website www.wijbouwen.nu/onderzoeksgebouw-vu and on VU.nl/onderzoeksgebouwVU.

This is how you can contact us
Have you noticed something, or do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact me, I can be found at the construction site every day. Or email us via onderzoeksgebouw@jpvaneesteren.nl. In the event of a calamity, you can reach us day and night by telephone on 0900 - 824 34 73 (TBI Direct).


With Kind Regards,

Construction consortium of J.P. van Eesteren-Croonwolter&dros vof


Eric van Nes

Construction site manager


P.S. The information in this newsletter is also available in Dutch on our website, click here

Appendix 1

Appendix 2